Vegan Recipes & More: Muffins,Mobile Apps & Taco Soup

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It’s officially Spring now – are you feeling it?!  Maybe some vegan recipes will help.  Try some thick and creamy taco soup to start thinking warm, spring-y thoughts. For a yummy treat that’ll give you a sunny glow on the inside, make a few easy, whole-wheat raisin muffins. And when you’re out and about, these mobile apps will help you eat well and live your healthy lifestyle.

Speaking of getting out and about, hope to see you at our next live event on March 26th, from 6-8PM at the Frank Sarris Public Library in Canonsburg, PA. Until then …

Make every dish a Garden Dish!
– Caroline and Tim Graettinger


Vegan Recipes: Thick and Creamy Taco SoupThick and Creamy Taco Soup

Is this a soup, a stew, or a chowder? It’s thick and creamy for sure, and with hearty, stick-to-your ribs flavor.  See the ingredients and the recipe …  For more whole-food, vegan recipes, click here or navigate from “In the Kitchen” in the main menu above.


Vegan Recipes: Easy Whole-Wheat Raisin Muffins

Easy Whole-Wheat Raisin Muffins

Hodgson Mill, Inc. makes a whole-wheat muffin mix that creates wonderful muffins even without using the oil, butter, or eggs recommended on the box!  Just add soy milk and a little cider vinegar, as per my recipe below, and you’ll have yourself a filling and tasty treat for breakfast or snack time. I wonder if Hodgson Mill knows about this?  Make some …


Apps for the Mobile Vegan

Apps for the Mobile Vegan

Try this activity tomorrow morning: Plug your smart phone into its charger, walk away, and start your day. Sound difficult? Do you find it hard to function without it? I sure do – and it’s not the ability to make calls or send text messages that I miss. It’s the apps that I can’t do without. It’s all about the apps. I check the forecast with The Weather Channel app, look in on the news using the USA Today app, and see what’s on tap for the day with the Calendar app. You have your usual morning routine, too, I bet. What are your “must-have” apps?

Besides the usual suspects that you and I use for news and information, here are some others that I find particularly helpful for living the vegan lifestyle.  Read more …

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