Caroline Graettinger, PhD

Chief Vegucator

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I am on a quest to vanquish my family history of heart-disease, diabetes, and dementia.  After a series of family health scares, culminating in my own in 2003, I embarked on a new plan for life – and health – a plant-healthy diet! There have been plenty of challenges in adopting this way of life.   But with support from my wonderful hubby Tim, and the knowledge shared by an amazing community of medical professionals such as Dr John McDougall, Dr. Neal Barnard, and T. Colin Campbell, PhD, my health returned and my excitement for life skyrocketed.

Excited and inspired by the positive changes I experienced, it wasn’t long before I decided to change my career to align with this new found direction.  I said a fond farewell to a rewarding, and challenging, 22-year adventure in the high tech industry, and created Garden Dish, a small business built to help the plant-curious reap the rewards of this lifestyle.

Sharing the Knowledge

I love public speaking, and teaching the joys and challenges of living a plant-healthy life.  I enjoy creating new recipes in my kitchen, and growing our own food.  And most of all, I am so happy to share what I’ve learned with individuals and audiences around the world, helping them find success on the road to health and happiness.

Life-Long Learning

Leading lights in the field of plant-based nutrition – Dr. John McDougall, T. Colin Campbell, PhD, Dr. Michael Greger, and Dr. Neal Barnard – got me started on my plant-healthy journey.  I owe them a thousand thanks.   Ten years later I still follow their work and attend their conferences.  If you get the chance, I urge you to do the same.  You’ll gain knowledge that will let you change your life for the better.  Here is a sampling of some of my favorite events and organizations in which I’ve participated:

Dr. John McDougall’s Advanced Study Weekend via Internet and in-person

Farms to Forks weekend event at the Caldwell Esselstyn family farm in Claverack, NY

T. Colin Campbell Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition via eCornell University

Dr. John McDougall’s 10-Day Live-In Program in Santa Rosa, CA