Vegan Home – Household Items Without Animal Products

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Have you put any thought into the products you use in your home?  A lot of cleaning products, home decor items, and other common home items either use animal products or are tested on animals.  Sometimes it can be hard to tell which items are vegan and which aren’t, due to the names of the ingredients used. For example, stearic acid can have animal fats in it according to PETA.  It takes some research and reading a lot of ingredients, but it will get easier to find things that are vegan (and it doesn’t hurt when you find things that are, say, 100% cotton!).  Do you know which brands to buy from and where to buy them?  Keep reading to find out!

Guide to Vegan Home Items

Soy Candles

Garden Dish - Vegan HomeCandles are often overlooked, but they can contain both beeswax and stearic acid, and often the ingredients are tested on animals.  No worries though!  Soy candles are relatively easy to find and are reasonably priced – they’re often the same price as regular candles.  There are lots of great options out there.  Pacifica, Pure Integrity, and Eco Candle Co. are some great options.  As a bonus, most say that soy candles smell even stronger than regular candles!  Be careful to make sure when buying soy candles that they’re 100% soy, because there are soy candles out there that aren’t vegan.  Have you tried soy candles?

Cleaning Products

Laundry detergents, cleaning sprays, toilet bowl cleaners, etc, are almost always tested on animals (according to PETA) and have harsh chemicals that can harm the environment.  There are greener options though!  If you live near a Costco or an Aldi, they will sometimes have some more eco-friendly vegan detergents.  If you live in the Pittsburgh area, Giant Eagle and the Fresh Market have a good selection as well.  Some great brands are Seventh Generation, GrabGreen, and Ecover.  Don’t want to spend the money?  Or don’t trust what you buy in the store?  Take control and make your own DIY vegan cleaners!  It’s easy, inexpensive, and 100% vegan.  Feel free to try this at home!


Garden Dish - Vegan HomeLots of bedding, like sheets, pillows, or comforters, contain animal products.  For instance, often goose down is used in pillows and comforters, and either wool or silk are used in the fabrics.  However, it’s pretty easy to find cruelty-free options if you’re looking!  Synthetic fiber-fill is easy to find, as well as all-cotton sheets and comforters.  And it isn’t even a compromise, because everyone loves Egyptian Cotton!  You can find them anywhere you’d normally find bedding, such as Amazon and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.   And don’t rule out bamboo or hemp either!  Though it doesn’t sound like it, they can be some of the softest bedding you can find.  Do you make sure your bedding is vegan?

Make the Best of Your Home with Vegan Home Items!

Now that you know what to look for, you’re sure to have a vegan-friendly home!  No more down, silk, or animal tested household items for you, since there are so many great alternatives out there! The best part is that for the most part, they’re very easy to find and aren’t very expensive.  They’re also safer and more natural, so it’s better for you and your family.  It’s really only practical to use vegan home items.  Cheaper, better for the environment, and better quality?  There’s no disadvantages!  So, what are you waiting for?  Get going!  And after you get all sorts of new vegan home items, learn what to do with your old, non-vegan items.  Then reward yourself with a great bowl of homemade chocolate pudding!

Do you already make sure to use vegan home items?  Let us know what your favorite brands are!

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