Finding the Perfect Pair of Vegan Hiking Boots

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Are you passionate about the outdoors and seeing everything that there is to see? If so, you may have searched for hiking boots that fit into your vegan lifestyle. Finding a pair is harder than it seems, though; major shoe companies often don’t seem to make options for those who don’t want to wear animal products. In fact, when I was researching vegan cosmetics companies last week, I ran across quite a few people asking where all the information was about vegan hiking boots. Not even a week later, Garden Dish’s own Tim asked me if I’d do some research on vegan hiking boots that, in his words, don’t make him look like such a goober. So, I went out and found a few great pairs of hiking boots that are made without animal products. Here are some of the best! Do you enjoy hiking, biking, or other outdoor activities? Let me know below!

The Top Vegan Hiking Boots for Men and Women


Treksta offers vegan shoes for both men and women, and has a good selection of hiking boots. However, they do use animal products in some of their shoes, so if you want to buy from them, make sure to check the materials used in each shoe. One of their nicest pairs of hiking boots is the Evolution Mid GTX, available for men and women. They’re stylish and smart, making them a great choice for the outdoors.

Wicked Hemp

Wicked Hemp Vegan Hiking BootsWicked Hemp, unlike the previous two companies, only make shoes using vegan materials. Therefore, any of their products will be okay for you to purchase! Plus, it’s always good to support a company who only makes products that you feel great about ethically. They offer a selection of hiking boots, like the Wicked Trail for both men and women. Would you rather purchase from a small company like this who doesn’t use any animal products?


Merrell, like Treksta, offers a wide variety of shoes, both with and without animal products. However, Merrell makes it easy for you to find their selection of vegan shoes, with a filter right on their site. They have a large selection of vegan boots, including the Grassbow Air for men and the Grassbow Sport Waterproof for women, both available in a variety of colors. Feel free to get some running shoes from them as well!

Vegetarian Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes - Vegan Hiking BootsVegetarian Shoes is another small company committed to only making shoes without animal products. They don’t have a ton of options for hiking boots right now (though they have a great selection of shoes overall), but the ones they do have are great. Why not try out their Veggie Trekker MK 4 Hiker that works for both men and women? They’re a UK company, so make sure you know what size to buy!  You’ll be hiking in style with these great boots.

Now That You’ve Got Vegan Hiking Boots, Take a Hike!

Now that you know there are some great options out there for hiking boots if you don’t want to wear animal products, you can finally get out there and feel great – and this is the perfect time of year to do so. While you’re at it, take some Vegan Raisin Muffins or some trail mix with you as a great snack!  So take a camera, lace up your boots, and go!

Do you have a great pair of vegan hiking boots? Let me know what kind in the comments!


*Photos used with permission from Wicked Hemp and Vegetarian Shoes

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