The Cookie Table – It’s a Sweet Pittsburgh Thing.

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I’ve been attending weddings around the Pittsburgh, PA area all my life.  I’m not sure when the cookie table became an integral part of this region’s weddings, but they surely are.  Back in my teens and twenties, at the weddings I remember, cookies at a reception were an extra bonus for guests, not a regularly, expected menu item.  I remember one wedding where the cookies were already at the dining tables when guests arrived, put there for guests to nibble on while the bridal party to finished their photo-shoot.  That was a nice touch that made the long wait tolerable. At a few other weddings, cookies were offered as part of the dessert phase, sort of a side dish to the wedding cake.  Cake and cookies!!??  Nice!  But the role of cookies at local weddings has evolved and grown.  Nowadays, cookies have their own special place at receptions.   An entire table, dedicated just to cookies, is now common.  There are often so many cookies that guests are encourage to take cookies home.  The “take-home cookie bag” stamped with bridal party images is actually a thing.  Welcome to The Cookie Table.

I recently had the honor of managing the Cookie Table for a wedding with 160 guests.  Over 110 dozen cookies, including 16 dozen vegan cookies (from me), were displayed in all their mouth-watering beauty.  I’ve included a few pictures below.

I know what you’re thinking.  Like most of the people I told about this event, you’re probably thinking “110 dozen cookies??!!  That’s a lot of cookies.”  I thought so too at first.  But, surprisingly, 1320 cookies fit easily in the back of a mini-van.  With plenty of room to spare for platters, risers, linens, bouquets, and all the other things one needs to make a display worthy of all the love and effort that goes into making these tasty delights.

Three things I want to leave you with from this project:

(1) vegan cookies rock!  The vegan cookies were the best cookies I’ve ever eaten.  And that is saying something coming from a person whose nickname in high school was “Cookie”, because I was constantly making cookies for my friends.   These vegan cookies were moist, sweet, and uncompromisingly delicious.

(2) cookie scoops rock!  Those little ice cream scoops that you see TV chefs using to make cookies?  Get one.  Get three!  I bought a small, medium, and large shortly before the wedding.  I wish I had these back in high school!

(3) Cookies are cookies.  That means they are rich, sugary, and will put a smile on your face.  No, these were not health food.  But they were happy food.    🙂

Cookie Table 3

Pardon the kitchen area behind the cookie display. I took the picture before the draping had been put in place.

Cookie Table 7

On the far left in the basket: Oatmeal Raisin (vegan). Far left bottom: California Nuggets. In the middle, from top to bottom: Buckeyes, Decorated Sugar Cookies, Chex Mix with M&Ms, Pizzelles. On the right: Mini Cheesecakes, and Lady Locks.

Cookie Table 5

From top to bottom: M&M Cookies, Mini Cheesecakes, Lady Locks.

Cookie Table 4

In the basket: Soft Sugar Cookies rolled in Peppermint Sugar, Walnut Thumbprint Cookies.

Cookie Table 6

On the platter: Nut Roll, and Caramel Cups.

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