Vegan Gift Ideas

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Do you have a spouse, relative, or friend for whom buying a gift used to be difficult?  And now, ever since they became a vegan, gift-giving became impossible?  The list of vegan gift ideas below is here to rescue you from the depths of holiday giving despair!  Let’s start with a simple guideline: gifts of consumables or experiences fit well with the vegan gestalt of thoughtful living.  Look for those first.  Still, many of us like to be able to wrap up a little something tangible for that special person.  With these considerations in mind, let’s dive into the list!

Vegan Gift IdeasTop 5 Vegan Gift Ideas

  1. Gardening Goodies. Does your favorite vegan love to grow her own food?  If so, a selection of seeds (or a gift certificate) from her favorite supplier will bring tidings of great joy.  We especially like Seed Savers Exchange and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  In a similar vein, a subscription to Organic Gardening magazine can be enjoyed year-round.
  2. Cooking Contraptions. Vegan cooks spend a lot of time chopping, peeling, and slicing.  Gadgets that save time or effort in the kitchen will be very welcome.  Check out the Vidalia Chop Wizard and just about everything from OXO Good Grips.  If your budget won’t bust, there’s nothing like a piece of bright, shiny, new cookware from All-Clad.
  3. Donate to Do-Gooders. Effective, vegan-approved organizations come in all flavors, ranging from those that are health-oriented, to those advocating for animals, to those focused on the environment.  A few of our favorites are Farm Sanctuary, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), and The Humane Society.
  4. Lifelong Learning. For the newly-minted vegan, a subscription to Vegetarian Times is terrific.  And for any vegan still eager to learn more, a trip to a McDougall Advanced Study Weekend is fantastic.  (The weekend is also available as an online videocast for a very reasonable price).  Even more lifelong learning options are available – check out our post, “Exercise for Your Vegan Brain”.
  5. Do-It-Yourself.  The vegan in your life will be overjoyed if you do it yourself and try the “vegan thing” for a meal, for a day, for a month or more – especially if you do it together.

Gift-giving to your favorite vegan can be enjoyable and fun.  We hope you find this list of vegan gift ideas to be helpful, and we wish you a happy, meaningful, and truly joyous holiday season.

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