Storing Chopped Celery – Which Method is Best?

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If you can squeeze in a hour or so one day a week to chop the veggies you’ll need for your week’s meals, you’ll save yourself time and effort.  I recently found a helpful website called Still Tasty with information on how long foods will keep safely in storage, and I put one of their recommendations to the test – celery.

Celery ready for the experiment.

Chopped celery being stored 3 ways.

The experiment went like this:

  1. Three containers of chopped celery were place in the refrigerator.  All three containers were identical – small glass containers with airtight lids. One held just chopped celery, one held chopped celery covered with tap water,  and one held chopped celery with a sheet of Fresh Paper.
  2. The containers were opened every few days to check for spoilage.  After 13 days, the results were compared.


The celery stored in water looked fresh and appealing, with the “just celery” and the Fresh Paper celery looked similarly dried out. There was no visible or sniff-able decay from any of the containers.

My unscientific 13-day test was within the window recommended by Still Tasty for chopped celery, and I’d agree with their recommendations that cut celery can keep for 1-2 weeks in the fridge.  Still, the dry ends were unappetizing, so I think I’ll store my weekly chopped celery in water.


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