Are You the Reluctant One? Get an EDGE

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ReluctantIs someone in your life trying to make a change to a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet?  Is (s)he trying to drag you along as well, but you’re reluctant?  Are you unenthusiastic, unwilling, uncertain, hesitant, wary, loath, cautious, circumspect, averse, squeamish, afraid, disinclined, opposed, grudging, hanging back, or uneager?  (Do you want to guess who just picked up the new “Thesaurus Rex” app?)

I was all of those things.  I grew up as a Midwestern boy, eating meat and drinking moo juice at almost every meal.  It felt like it would be, literally, physically impossible for me to change.  I thought those appetites were just too deeply ingrained in my body and brain.  Turns out I was wrong, but I needed the right motivation – and a lot of it – to make the change.

Motivational speaker, Craig Valentine, often talks about results as the motivators that prompt people to action.  He uses the acronym EDGE to describe the four types, or categories, of results.  See which one(s) speak to you:

E – Esteem

Perhaps you like to be a leader.  By adopting a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet, you will be out front.  You may be the first among your friends or relatives.  You will stand apart from the crowd.  As a result, people will see you in a different light.  The spouse, friend, or family member pushing you to change will also see you in a different light.  Likely, you will see yourself in a different light.

Maybe your appearance is especially important to you, and you’ve been feeling it slip over time.  The change to your eating habits will help you look better – you’ll be more trim and practically glowing with good health.

D – Do

When you can do more, you feel empowered.  With the change to a WFPB eating plan, you’ll have more energy for work, for play (see “E – Enjoy” below), and for all your passions.  You won’t feel sluggish after meals.  You won’t want to nap in the middle of the day.  You might even WANT to exercise.  You’ll have increased mental energy, too.  You will be able to focus intensely and focus for longer periods as well.  Eating more whole fruits and vegetables can even help your mood.

G – Gain

A profitable result might motivate you.  Profit can come in many forms.  A WFPB diet can save money at the grocery store since you won’t be buying expensive meat, fish, or cheese products.  Even more significant can be the money you may save on medications by making a low-cost investment in dietary changes.  (Be sure to work with a trusted physician as you’re making these changes).

Cost savings are great, but think about another possible gain.  You will add years to your life as you regain your health through a WFPB diet.  And the years will be healthy, fit, productive years.

E – Enjoy

Maybe you simply want to enjoy life more than you do now.  By regaining your health, you’ll be able to have more fun!  You’ll feel less stressed and more peaceful and calm.  You’ll wake up every morning with a fresh zest for life, excited about what the new day will bring.  You’ll be raring to jump back into the leisure activities that you always enjoyed – with new vigor and energy.

Get an EDGE!  Whatever pushes your motivational buttons, give the WFPB diet a try for at least 30 days – with your best effort.  Good things will actually happen.  I’m glad I tried it.  Really glad.  You will be, too.

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